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    Top 5 secrets to getting your house sold fast and for top dollar


    It may not be a secret that we are enjoying a seller’s market! But we can tell you that there are those houses that are selling quickly and there are houses that are selling for the highest price.

    How can you do both?


    Secret #1

    Make a list of updates and repairs you’ve made on the home! Buyers still want to see that they are getting some value in a seller’s market. Show off every bit of value you can provide by giving a detailed itemized list of things that make your home special.

    Secret #2

    It’s all about the pictures. Even in a hot market, bad pictures get you overlooked by many of your potential buyers. Snapping some pictures on your phone is just not going to cut it if you want every buyer in the area to bid for your home. Competition is where the big bucks lie, and to that end, don’t cheap out on the marketing!


    Secret #3

    List on a Thursday! Think about it; When do you start to plan your weekend? My bet is Thursday afternoon. And if you are shopping for a house you may start to book the houses you want to see on a Thursday as well. What’s the category of homes any buyer gets the most excited to see? You guessed it, “NEW LISTING!” Take advantage of the Thursday online traffic and be the first home to pop up on their “New Listing” radar.

    Secret #4Buying a home in North Atlanta

    Don’t you dare even THINK about being present personally during showings! Do you remember walking through your house for the first time? It’s usually a pretty special moment when you get the “ I think this is the one” feeling for your soon-to-be home. Now imagine trying to have that feeling and hiding it from the current owner… takes the magic out of it. That magic moment is often why they are willing to offer top dollar for your house; they get emotionally invested. Let them get excited about it… without you ruining it!

    Secret #5

    Hire a professional Realtor! Not only does this net you more money at the end of the day, but it saves you the headache of doing any of the work involved in getting the best price to begin with. Yes, you do pay commission but you also don’t have to pay for any marketing, contracts or costly attorneys fees to go over every offer as it comes in. When it comes to getting you the optimal amount of competition and buzz around your home by people who can actually purchase your home (not just tire kickers), a local expert is the best way to go.

    How can you know that for sure? Run the numbers! We can show you the difference between selling the home yourself, selling to an i-buyer, and selling using a professional Realtor. Know your options and make an informed decision. Your house is likely your biggest financial investment so squeezing every bit of equity out of it is important. Make sure the way you sell your home is going to do that for you!




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